Mi Chiamo Russian Blue Cat: aka Skunk

Once I was Black, White, Asian and Evil. 

I was black and white. I was striped. I was smelly. What was I? 
Many people  assume and disregard me. But I am a very friendly animal. I can only be found in one Continent. Have you guessed?

Yes I was a Skunk. 

A witty, funky, Skunk. A Skunk that knew how to party. A Skunk that was active in the fun field. 

However, Skunk was of 2013. This year, I have reincarnated I am a humble Russian blue cat. I am a Cat named Skunk. I am a Skunk just in a different form. 

This year I wish to learn to be more humble and more modest about everything I come across and learn about. I wish to appear more classy. Though still holding on to my Witty and Funky Skunk side. 

That is the aim. Wish me luck. 

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