Wednesday, 14 May 2014

There is a difference between Do and Actually Doing.

One is spoken and the other is a verb.

There has been plenty of talk about this blog. Between Ruth and I, between another few friends and I. And finally, it has happened. 3 months into my Exchange, we have finally been able to put aside procrastination and show case our adventures.

We, Ruth and I. We come from Australia as Erasmus Students, currently enrolled into the Politecnico di Milano. We are both Design kiddos.

We are inspired, dig for inspiration and create inspiration. 

GOOD LUCK to us.

I need inspiration: A dissolution, a rampage, a desperation.

THIS is not an inspirational or a creative moment. Rather it is a desperate moment of relief. A dissolution of stress. And a rampage of loneliness.

Monday, 12 May 2014

A Smile I need: I shall name Strength, Spinach

When you are under life's worse enemy, pressure. The more you have the need to strive for a smile. A smile generated by a forceful spirit to get things done. A smile generated by sources of lack of energy, struggling to sneak out and procrastinate away.

I am a second year bachelor student of Communication design from Australia. I chose this subject and topic as a challenge to myself. It is to prove to myself that I have not reached my potential of capabilities just yet. With this project I wish to explore my true worth.

I am currently working on a project. A class of User and Social Innovation, a Master class in an Italian City.

A project known to be SiBi Play. A project bound by limiting rules:

You have to shoot a photo in Black and White
It has to be shot in an open space and measure 20 by 25cm

Your work has to be about Names and about Strength

The Title of the work has to feature simple present Verbs

Concepts, my friend is my current best friend. 

"I shall name strength, Spinach."  

rubber vest

The fabric stores in Milan are treasure troves for the budding fashion designer.
I found this rubber/neoprene fabric for only a couple of euro at Tessuti Raponi in Ticinese, near the Navigli Canals. Such a bargain!
Ignore the lack of creativity in my Illustration, I just really wanted to post this

The ugly sausage



My saturday night drinking hole
The only place you know to go when you need to let loose to some classic rock without worrying about social standards.
The creepy den that you wouldn't bring your mother to

Location: Via Felice Casati, Porta Venezia, 20124 Milano, Italy  

il Capelli

but its fucking sick.